Wellness in The Meru Sanur

Welcome to our tranquil haven, dedicated to nurturing the harmony of mind, body, and spirit.
Join us on a transformative wellness voyage, where our locally inspired services engage all five senses—sound,
sight, scent, taste, and touch—ensuring a holistic and revitalizing journey.

Svasana Spa

Step into our Reawakening Treatment Spa, a haven where timeless practices harmonize with contemporary comfort. Delight in a rejuvenating journey that revitalizes the body, mind, and spirit. Awaken to a heightened


Experience the profound impact of holistic well-being: submerge yourself in sound therapy, align your chakras, and let go of emotional weight for a deeply revitalizing journey.

Explore Holistic


Begin a transformative Balinese spiritual odyssey: surrender to the insights of sightless healers, luxuriate in lukat gni and lukat toya ceremonies, discover inner serenity through mebayuh, and contemplate profoundly with metenung.

Explore Spiritual

Active Wellness

Renew both body and mind through our invigorating active wellness program. Engage in revitalizing yoga, energize with cardio boxing, conquer circuits, intensify with HIIT, and pedal towards vitality with cycling sessions